Black Non-Elasticated Polyester Machine String/Twine Size in 815m (900g)

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Black Non-Elasticated Polyester Machine String/Twine Size in 815m (900g)

Non-elasticated machine twines are used regularly by commercial butchery and associated trades, generally in the commercial tying of meat and poultry. All of our non-elasticated machine twine is tested to ensure that it conforms to the standards applicable to the Food Safety Act 1990, and Materials and Articles In Contact with Food Act. It is produced in the UK to the highest standards by us; one of Europes leading twine manufacturers.

Our Black Machine Twine is made from 100% quality, high tenacity polyester yarn to produce a thin multi-purpose twine, which gives its considerable strength. The twine is then finished and washed for food safety/hygiene reasons. A paste is applied for handling purposes and to minimise the possibility of any fraying; the paste is made from a food-grade starch.

The twines are supplied on cones for easy fitting in the machines. The cones are made from food-grade plastic and each cone is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure that they are delivered clean and ready for use.


  • This twine has a break load of 75kg and a diameter of 1mm meaning it is tough, durable and will hold substantial weight.
  • We are the only BRC accredited twine manufacturer in the UK guaranteeing quality and hygiene standards.
  • Supplied on food safe, blue plastic cores.

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