Back To School Supplies

As the Autumn term is creeping closer, we are starting to see serious preparation from parents for sending their little ones back to school. But if you’re a teacher looking for some inspiration for your classroom décor and some craft ideas for lessons, Henry Winning’s online store is the place to visit for versatile twine!

Make use of your display boards by hanging up some of the best work from your students, whether it’s a piece of brilliant artwork or a gripping short story, all you need is a piece of our Craft Twine to add a pop of colour to your classroom. You can staple, stick or tie up our twine to showcase all of your little one’s creations during the school year. Did we mention that our Craft Twine comes in all different colours? What a brilliant and useful way to celebrate your students work!

Keep your pupils engaged and happy with some unique classroom crafts to get their creative thinking going! A fantastic and popular creation is to create their initials using Craft Twine and cardboard. The steps are simple, first you need to cut out the shape of your initial, then wrap a coloured twine of your choice around the cardboard until its covered, creating beautiful work by just a few easy steps that can then be displayed in the classroom or taken home for their own use.

Going back to school can be a stressful time and organisation is key but with the use of Henry Winning supplies, we can help to bring structure to desks and supplies. If stationary is shared between tables, then why not take creativity to the next level by tying up the stationary, for example you could tie a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber together for your new students first day, providing them with all the equipment they need for the school year!