Butchers Twine

Henry Winning offers an extensive range of Butchers Twine including Polyester Twine, Rayon Twine and Machine-Tying Meat Twine. We are also the only AA BRC Certified manufacturer of Butchers Hand Tying Twines in the UK. Our Hand-Tying Butchers Twine is available in a wide selection of colours and sizes to suit your butcher style, with our versatile twine you can go matching with your branding or go with the seasons. We offer them in one solid colour or in mixes of two and three different colours which gives you a full range to choose from.


We offer Elasticated and Non-Elasticated Butchers Twines for both machine and hand-tying depending on your shop! They are perfect for both commercial and associated trades for meat tying and wrapping.


We see many of our customers using the twine in classic and creative ways. We’ve seen customers tie meat with seasonings and ingredients together like thyme and lemon tied to a whole chicken to get that extra burst of flavour. We’ve also seen customers get creative and use butchers twine to securely tie bacon to chicken.


So, whether you’re a home user or your own butcher and you want to take your cooking and butchery skills up to the next level, Henry Winning can help you with our versatile Twine.