Gardening Twine in a Tub bundle!

Using Twine in a Tub, you can complete everyday gardening tasks with ease by dispensing the exact amount of twine required for a task at hand.

Simply pull the twine out of the centre hold on the lid, or if the tub is hung for ease of reach, you can dispense the twine out of the hole on the base.

Twine in a Tub has many fantastic features, and we want to share some with you:


- An efficient way to complete a gardening twine task

- The perfect product for climbing plants such as tomatoes, peas, and beans 

- Using the handle of the tub, it can be hung in an appropriate place for easy access

- Will ensure a practical, tidy, and tangle-free release of twine

- Ideal for horticultural and garden use

- Twine will remain strong against all weather conditions 


Along with these facts and so many more, our Twine in a Tub bundle will make a fantastic gift for any gardening lover.

To see more information and our available colours, visit our Twine in a Tub product page!