10mm Blue Polypropylene Rope/Twine

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Polypropylene 10mm Blue Rope/Twine

All our blue polypropylene twines are approved for use with food storage and can be re-used safely.

As our twines are made from polypropylene, they are tough, durable and available in multiple colours and thicknesses. They are UV resistant, rot-resistant and waterproof, as well as tested in a controlled laboratory environment to maintain our consistently high standards.

Product Specification:

  • Metres/Coil: 220m
  • Break Load: 1420kg
  • Thickness: 10mm

Size Chart:

White Polypropylene
Size Break Load Metres/kg
2mm 50kg 700m
2.5mm 78kg 450m
3mm 100kg 350m
4mm 125kg 280m
4.5mm 205kg 170m
5mm 270kg 130m
Blue Polypropylene
Size Break Load Metres/kg
6mm Blue 550kg 220m Coil
8mm Blue 960kg
10mm Blue 1420kg
12mm Blue 2030kg
14mm Blue 2790kg
16mm Blue 3500kg

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