10 Uses of Henry Winning Twine

Henry Winning twine, whilst having several designated uses, is a multi-functional product that can be used in many different ways. Here are 10 uses for our twine:

  1. Meat/Butchers Twine – hold your meaty creations together with our hand tying meat twine
  2. Gardening – keep your plants and vegetables upright with our designated, high-strength gardening twine
  3. Crafts – let your creativity take over and see what you can create (and don’t forget to enter your crafts into our Craft of the Week over on Instagram!)
  4. Baking – wrap your cakes and treats in cellophane, tied with some of our beautiful twine
  5. Gift Wrapping – take your wrapping to the next level with some twine and crafts
  6. Decorating – use our twine to make hanging decorations, baubles etc
  7. Picture Hanging – clip photos and polaroids on to some of our twine, creating a string of memories across your room
  8. Table Décor – add the finishing touches to your table décor, tying your napkins, cutlery etc
  9. Wedding/Party Favours – add some twine to your party favours, tying the pieces together to create an exciting parcel for your guests and as a decoration on invites!
  10. Upholstery – make and repair upholstery with our twine, in a range of colours, sizes, and styles

Be sure to let us know if you come up with any other ideas for using our twine, and don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts for a chance to be featured as our ‘Craft of the Week’!