Henry Winning Twine for School Crafts

Henry Winning twine is multi-functional, and whilst our website lists some of the intended uses, our twine can be used for many other purposes. One of these uses is for school crafts. Read on to see some of our ideas to brighten up your classroom and occupy little hands with our award-winning twine!

Twine Pictures

Create pictures and portraits with a piece of paper, some PVA glue and twine! Simply sketch your design, pasting a section at a time with PVA glue, and slowly winding the twine to make your image. Why not start with something simple, like a picture of an apple or a flower?

We recommend: Natural No.6 Cotton Craft Twines (in a range of colours)

Twine Wreath

Celebrate holidays with a festive wreath! This is the perfect craft activity to get your students excited for the holidays, whilst also decorating your classroom on a budget. Using a foam ring, simply wrap the twine around until the foam is completely covered. For Christmas, why not add some fake holly or snowflakes? Or for Halloween, how about Autumn leaves or bats?

We recommend: 3 Ply Jute Craft Twine Reels (in a range of colours)

Twine Flower Brooches

Using some of our thicker twines, why not try making pins or brooches? This is a fun activity for children and can be worn themselves or given as a gift. Shape the twine to the design you’d like and stick it into shape with PVA glue. For a flower brooch, shape the petals and stick together. Add a pearl or bead to the centre of the flower to finish it off!

We recommend: 3 Ply Jute Craft Twine Reels (in a range of colours)

Twine Bracelets

Bring friendship to the classroom and make friendship bracelets! The options are endless with this one – and can be made by children of all ages and skill sets. Simply weave the twine together in any manner of ways, maybe even adding some beads and charms, and gift this to your classmate!

We recommend: Any of our craft twines would work for this, but why not try some of our Football Coloured Twines?