With the nights getting darker and the weather getting colder, we gradually work our way into Autumn, which means now is the time so set your preparations into place for the perfect Autumn crops. We know the importance of harvest in the coming months, especially with Christmas around the corner, so it’s worth noting the ideal products to turn your attention to for the peak seasonal produce. With that being said, here are the 10 best vegetables for your garden this Autumn:

Lettuce – a great addition to a hearty sandwich, lettuce is a great crop to get your fingers green with!

Pak Choi – an essential in a good stir fry, pak choi thrives in the cooler weather, and can be harvested in just 6-8 weeks

Cauliflower – we all know that cauliflower cheese is a staple in the colder months, so this is a great focus for your gardening aspirations

Swede – bored of regular mash? Swede mash continues to increase in popularity, so why not try growing your own?

Chard – chard is a delicious vegetable, but is also great to grow in Autumn as it is very tolerant to the colder weather

Carrots – a family favourite, carrots are a great all year round vegetable for your garden – easy to plant, why not get the kids involved?

Beetroot – a wonderful addition to your salad, this vibrant vegetable is a great addition to your Autumn crops

Radish – another salad favourite, add the pungent flavour of radish to your palette

Kale – bursting with vitamin C, kale is a super healthy choice for your Autumn vegetables

Spinach – one of the best vegetables to add to your meals, spinach thrives in the cooler weather, so make sure you focus your efforts on this leafy green!

What will you be growing this Autumn?