Back to School!

The Summer is over and with the classrooms back open, now is the perfect time to get those crafty ideas flowing and plan your next lesson. We have an array of fun, creative ideas for you to host for your students, just check them out below!

  1. Make a Dreamcatcher

This is a great decoration that is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser! Use our various coloured Jute Twines to make colourful dream catchers for students to take home and hang in their bedrooms. These are easy to make and can be customised in all kinds of ways. Once your students have made the dreamcatchers, why not set a written task of writing about their dreams?

  1. Make a Candle Holder

This is a great one for all year round. Encourage your students to get their craft on by decorating glass or ceramic jars with our beautiful Twine, with additional Twine used to make a handle. This is an easier one for younger students and makes a great Christmas or Mother’s Day gift!

  1. Make a Kite

This is one we know they’ll love! Whilst the UK weather can be a pain, take advantage of those windy days by making handmade kites. These are guaranteed to create a fun atmosphere, whilst also allowing the students to get outside and blow off some steam.

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