Butchers Twine in a Tub

Our Henry Winning & Co. Twine in a Tub is one of our bestselling products and it’s clear why! The Twine in a Tub is a highly efficient way of dispensing your twine. The centre hole in the lid of the tub allows you to dispense exactly the required amount of twine for the job at hand, thus ensuring a practical, tidy, and tangle-free release of twine. The hole in the bottom of the tub allows for easy release of twine when the tub is hung from its handle.

The Twine used, No.5 Butchers Twine, is made from first class, high tenacity rayon yarn to produce a thin multi-purpose Twine, made from continuous filaments, which gives the Twine its considerable strength. With a break load of 67kg, this is a must-have product in your butchers shop.

The Twine is made in the UK at our Grade AA BRC Accredited Facility, which promises food safety and quality.

Available in a variety of colours, we also offer refills of the Twine, promoting a sustainable product with little waste, whilst also saving you money.

For more information on our Butchers Twine in a Tub, get in touch today on 0141 554 2767 or head to henrywinning.co.uk.