Father's Day Gift Guide

Sunday 18th June 2023 is Father’s Day! 🎩

Treat the special father in your life with a wonderful gift from Henry Winning & Co. Whether they are a fan of Crafts, Baking, Gardening or Butchery, we have the perfect Twine related gifts to suit all hobbies. Check out our top picks below:

Gardening Twine in a Tub (Empty): https://bit.ly/3LS4vtz  

3 Ply Green Jute Twine for Twine in a Tub: https://bit.ly/3BiQ0Ko

Gardening Twine Gift Box: https://bit.ly/41tIwyE

Bumble Bee Craft Twine Box: https://bit.ly/44UJlUn

Tooty Fruity Bakers Twine Box: https://bit.ly/3NWWaaA

No. 5 Blue & White Butchers Twine in a Tub: https://bit.ly/3pvNnCl

For the football fans, shop our Football Team Coloured Twines here: https://bit.ly/44JzMay

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