Celebrate Father’s Day With Henry Winning

With Father’s Day quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to get unique and creative gifts and find ways to make the special dads in our lives feel valued and appreciated. Henry Winning offers high quality twine that can help you get creative and create a great DIY present.

Henry Winning twine adds a certain personal touch to your gift wrapping. The addition of the twine adds charm to any present especially if paired with brown craft paper, the added twine can allow for more creativity like tying bows and attaching tags. Fathers will appreciate the extra effort and personalisation of the presentation of the gift.

If your father loves the outside and enjoys gardening, Henry Winning offers a variety of gardening twines which are 100% biodegradable and compostable to make sure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Garden twine can be used to support plants and can make plants stay in straight rows. They can also be used as outdoor décor; twine is very strong and can hold and support hanging plants - twine adds a rustic and vintage look to the garden whilst also encouraging environmentally friendly products.

Another creative idea is to create a picture display hanging the twine across a wall or over a fireplace - this is great to show memorable photos of your dad and family and attach them to the twine using pins or pegs. This is a personal gift that will no doubt bring a smile to your dads face this Father’s Day.

If your dad is more of a baker, Henry Winning also offers quality bakers’ twine which is perfect as it can be used for wrapping and binding baked goods, demonstrating attention to detail whilst being very practical, but aesthetically pleasing, too.

This Father’s Day let your creativity shine with the help of Henry Winning. Whether you’re using twine for gift wrapping, garden décor or a hanging display piece, twine is versatile and creative which will not fail in putting a smile on your dad’s face.