Picnic the Henry Winning Way

With picnic season approaching, why not use Henry Winning twine to give your picnic a bit of personality and add a unique touch. Twine can be used in multiple ways for a picnic like wrapping and décor.

Sandwiches are an essential for a picnic and often the main thing so why not jazz them up a little and wrap them in our colour twines? You can wrap up the sandwiches in any parchment paper and add a bit of security and personality with our twine and tie it around the paper, it’s a little touch but it’ll sure go a long way.

Cutlery is also an essential for a picnic whether it’s a spoon for cake or a fork for fruit, cutlery is needed. In a picnic basket the last thing you need is a bunch of forks and spoons loose within the case so why not use twine to secure cutlery together? Organisation is key and twine can really help with the organisation of cutlery to save them rattling around in the basket.

In a picnic the little touches matter and are very important. Décor is one of the little touches and will go a long way, twine can also be used for food décor. For example, why not use the twine to wrap around the neck of jars and wrap a little bowtie? Henry Winning provide a wide range of twine in different colours so you can always mix and match and use one that fits in with your picnics.

Picnics are a great activity to do in the summer so why not take your picnic to the next level with Henry Winning twine? Thus helping with the creativity and practicality of the picnic like food décor and wrapping.