DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations


Happy New Year’s Eve!

2023 is coming to an end and it’s time to celebrate as we say goodbye to one year and welcome in another. If you’re planning on celebrating at home with friends or family, have a read through these easy DIY New Year’s decoration ideas and wow your guests with what you come up with:

Prosecco/Champagne Flute Charms

Our first NYE decoration is personalised Prosecco or Champagne flute charms. These are especially useful if you’re expecting a larger number of guests because it will help people avoid getting their glasses mixed up and can save on washing up if people reuse their glass.

For this one, you’ll need your flute glasses, a reel of Henry Winning Jute Craft Twine, and some small silver charms. You can buy large packs of these online.

Thread your charms onto several pieces of twine and then tie the twine in a bow around the stem of the glass. You can choose relevant charms for each guest, like their initial, for example. Voilà…

‘Happy New Year 2024’ Bunting

The second idea we have come up with is a ‘Happy New Year’ bunting. This is another super-easy design that can be done at home in a matter of minutes.

All you’ll need is your Henry Winning Jute Craft Twine, some colourful card, scissors, and a holepunch.

Start by drawing outlines of the letters you want to hang on your colourful card. Mix and match colours to make the design really stand out. Then carefully cut the letters out and holepunch the top of each letter. Finally, thread the twine through the punched holes in each letter and display it around your home.

‘2024’ Display

Our third and final design is a twine-wrapped ‘2024’ display. You’ll need four cardboard numbers (Two x 2, 0, and 4). These can also be purchased online or in your local crafts shop.

To create the design, wrap Henry Winning Jute Craft around the numbers, layering the twine over and over until the entirety of the shapes are covered.

Shop our collection of Jute Craft Twines here.

These designs should impress guests and get your home feeling festive, ready for the New Year’s celebrations. Show us how you get on by sending pictures of your crafty creations to our social media accounts.

That’s it from us for 2023. Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations and we look forward to sharing more crafty tips and tricks with you again in 2024.