Christmas Twine, Mistletoe and Wine

On Christmas Eve, with joy so fine,

A tale unfolds of twine divine.


In workshops small, with crafts at play,

Twine weaves magic in a festive array.


Beneath the tree, with lights aglow,

Twine binds packages, a festive show.


From reels it dances, a rustic delight,

A ribbon of tradition, snug and tight.


In kitchens busy, where cookies bake,

Twine adorns each treat, a sugared wake.


It ties together laughter and cheer,

A thread of memories, crystal clear.


Through snowy windows, a wintry view,

Twine decorates wreaths, a merry cue.


It wraps around the candle's flame,

A glowing hug in Christmas' name.


In carols sung and stories told,

Twine unites the young and old.


With every knot and every tie,

It whispers tales of days gone by.


So, on this night, 'neath stars so bright,

Let twine connect, in soft moonlight.


In every corner, around each pine,

A Christmas Eve with twine every time.


Merry Christmas from all of us here at Henry Winning. We hope your Christmas is filled with love and laughter and we are looking forward to sharing crafty ideas and tips, home décor inspiration, baking advice, and much more with you again in 2024.