DIY Christmas Decoration Inspo

Here at Henry Winning we love to put our creativity to the test, and what better time to do that than at Christmas? Recently we have been making our own Christmas decorations using Jute Craft Twines. 

Let yourself be inspired by these DIY Christmas decoration ideas and see what you can come up with. Not only is it a great way to have some fun and keep young ones entertained in the run up to Christmas, it’s also an opportunity to upcycle some old decorations and ornaments and turn them into eye-catching festive decorations.

What You’ll Need:

1: A medium-size wax candle

2: Decorative elements (pinecones, greenery, Christmas ornaments, small baubles, etc.)

3: Wooden shapes (Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmen)

4: Wrapping paper

5: Scissors

6: Hot glue (optional)

7: Tape

8: Reclaimed wood

9: Empty boxes to wrap (old shoe boxes are perfect)

10: Henry Winning’s Jute Craft Twine 


Design One: Our Christmas Candle

For this simple, yet effective design the materials you will need are: a medium-size wax candle, some decorative elements, and our Jute Craft Twine

Tie the twine around the candle, attaching your decorations as you wrap the twine. Don’t be afraid to personalise it as you wish.

Design Two: Christmas Hangers

For this design, you’ll need your wooden shapes, more decorations, greenery, and our Jute Craft Twine. Decorate your wooden shapes by colouring them in or sticking other decorative elements to them. Then use the twine to tie them into a bunting, or to hang them from your tree.

Design Three: DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

You’ll need: Your reclaimed wood, decorative elements and... you guessed it, our Jute Craft Twine. Cut the wood into 8 poles. The first one should measure 5cm in length. Each subsequent pole should be 4cm longer than the one before. Then tie the twine around the end of each pole so that they hang down and form a tree shape. Leave a 6cm gap between each pole. Finally, add decorative elements to make your design stand out.

Design Four: A Wrapped Gift Display

Simply wrap an assortment of parcels and arrange them into an eye-catching display. Use different size packages to enhance the design. Seal each gift with a Craft Twine bow and top with any decorations you may want to include.

Once you’ve finished crafting, snap some pics and send them over to us via our social media.