Why Everyone Should Use More Twine

Here at Henry Winning, our experts have been manufacturing exceptional quality twine for over 140 years, which is why Henry Winning & Company are one of Europe’s leading twine and string producers, supplying innovative solutions to the packaging and food industries.

Our unrivalled experience and dedication enable us to manufacture a huge range of natural and synthetic twines in varying sizes, thicknesses, and specifications.

How many different things can our products be used for? How long is a piece of string… From Butchers Twines to Gardening and Craft Twines, the list is endless.

Butchers Twine

We are the only certified manufacturer of Butchers Hand-Tying Twines in the UK. We offer an impressive range of Butchers Twines, including Polyester Twine, Rayon Twine, Machine-Tying Meat Twine, and our global-bestselling Twine Selection Boxes. All of our Butchers Twines are food-safe and manufactured in our Grade AA BRC Accredited Facility.

Our Hand-Tying Butchers Twines are available in numerous sizes and colours to suit your butchers displays. Whether you are matching the twine to your brand or using seasonal colours, we have every option available to make your business stand out.

Both our Elasticated and Non-Elasticated Machine Twines are available in a range of colours and perfect for commercial butcheries or associated trades for the tying of meat and poultry.

Polypropylene Twine

As well as our award-winning Butchers Twines, we also have an extensive range of Polypropylene Rope, which is used widely across multiple different industries. For example, our Baling & Binder Ropes are used regularly within the agricultural industry, particularly for use with baling machines, but also as a cost-effective way to bale waste.

From Small Polypropylene Balls to Large Polypropylene Spools, our General-Use Polypropylene Rope is a jack-of-all-trades suitable for Gardening, Gift-Wrapping, Builders, Contractors, Farmers, Butchers and many more.

Gardening Twine

Additionally, we produce and supply a large range of Gardening Twines including Sisal, Jute, Flax, Hemp, Polypropylene, and our bestselling Gardening Twine Box Sets that include a range of different reels. Our Sisal and Jute Twines are 100% biodegradable and compostable to ensure your products are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our reels are made of natural materials and are incredibly popular with professional and hobbyist gardeners. They’re ideal for use with climbing plants, to offer plant support, to hang plants, and for bunching together fresh flowers or vegetables.

Perfect for florists and farm shops alike.

Craft Twines

Feeling creative? Our Craft Twines are available in an extensive range of colours, materials and sizes.

The range consists of Solid Colour Twine Reels, Two-Colour Twine Reels, Three-Colour Twine Reels, Twine Box Sets, and our Craft Twine Balls. Our Craft Twine Reels have become the most used twines in the craft and hobby markets around the world (impressive, right?). This is due to their versatility; they can be used in toy making, packaging, around your home, and for any and every creative craft design you may take on.

To make things easier for you, we have grouped some of our bestselling Craft Twines together into a selection of Craft Twine Box Sets. We have a Wedding Craft Twine Box Set, Baby Shower Craft Twine Box Set, Easter Themed Craft Twine Box Sets and Seasonal Craft Twine Box Sets.

Also available in our Craft Twines collection is our range of Football Twines; each reel has been created with your favourite football teams in mind.

Bakers Twine

Available in many different colour options, Henry Winning & Co’s Bakers Twine collection features Single Colour Twine Reels, Two-Colour Twine Reels, Three-Colour Twine Reels, and Twine Box Sets.

Alongside our Craft Twine Reels, our Bakers Twine Reels are the most regularly used twines by bakers around the world. They’re great for packaging and decorating baked goods, and they’re environmentally friendly.

As is the case with our Craft Twine Box Sets, our Bakers Twine Box Sets have been grouped together into themed box sets.

Upholstery Twine

Finally, our selection of Upholstery Twine has been used in traditional upholstery for over 100 years. Produced using Flax, our Upholstery Twines have been specifically designed to have a high break load, giving them greater durability.

They’re made from 100% natural and biodegradable fibres and are ideal for the sewing of upholstery pads or for blind and edge stitching.

So, if it isn’t obvious already, our twine can be used for pretty much anything. Its versatility and strength mean it is perfect for many different uses, which is why we think that everyone should use more twine.