Easter Baking Presentation!

We are finally on the 7-day countdown to Easter Sunday and the first bank holiday weekend of 2023.

To attract people to your bakeries, ensure that all of your window display goodies are presented with the adorable packaging of Bakers Twine.

As we are in the final week, there will be a lot of families that are trying to get their hands on those last-minute goodies for their little one’s Easter baskets and by using an array of our Bakers Twine, your tasty goodies will stand out against the rest.

Our Easter Bakers Twine Gift Sets are perfect for those selling exciting bundle baskets for families as you can create a colour theme that will not only be aesthetically pleasing but may give a little bit of help to kids during an Easter egg hunt!

There is still time to get your final presentation items before the big weekend so ensure you add to your baskets today.