Happy first day of Spring!

Spring is a fantastic season not just for enjoying the warmer weather, but for gardeners all across the country that will once again have the opportunity to start adding a little bit more colour to their allotment patches and flower beds.

As Easter is just around the corner, daffodils, lettuce, carrots and many more plants will be most commonly grown by gardeners across the UK in preparation for Easter Sunday lunch and a table setting of flowers.

From Sisal to Jute Twine, all of our available colours will help to blend in with the natural surrounding of your gardens and allotments, whether that be green foliage or natural, rustic, fencing.

Whether you’re sowing vegetable or flower seeds into your soil, ‘gardening’ should now appear much more frequently on your daily to-do lists, so ensure you are equipped for all of the tasks at hand by using a range of Henry Winning & Co Gardening Twine.