September Prep Classroom Twine

As back to school season is edging closer, we thought we’d give teachers some ideas on how to use twine in their classroom! Henry Winning Twine isn’t just for butchery and gardening, due to its versatile nature, our twine can be used for pretty much anything! These ideas are interactive and will certainly keep your little ones busy.

One idea is to create twine wrapped initials. All you need is cardboard and to cut out the initials, you can then use the twine to wrap around the initial, this allows the pupils to express their own style and they’ll have pretty cool room décor after it!

Another great idea is to paint but using twine! You simply get a piece of card (whichever size you prefer) and cover it in PVA glue, you would then grab a bunch of different coloured twine and let them decorate it however they may want, however this one may get a little bit messy.

Why not decorate the boards around the classroom to make it more colourful and inviting for the pupils? Adding decorations onto the board is a great way to make your classroom more unique on a budget, if you’re brave enough, why not let the children help and get them involved in the decorating!

Organising your classroom can take some time and in an unusual way, twine can help! If your stationery is shared in the classroom, twine can help keeping it organised. By tying one pen, one pencil and a rubber, (and possibly a ruler) together you can keep your stationery organised and the pupils can also help by tying them up at the end of the day.