Wedding Season
Summer is well-known for its hot sun and the British heat, but it's also the most popular time for weddings. Why wouldn't you choose summer as the perfect time to tie the knot, with the sun shining and the pleasant weather providing a break from the typical British climate? However, wedding planning can be stressful with numerous details to consider. Let us help you by providing a few creative ways to incorporate twine into your wedding!

Let's start with some small ideas. If you're looking for a rustic design, incorporating twine into your invitations would add a charming touch that complements the summer theme. You could even take it a step further by adding a delicate flower like lavender to the invitation for an extra special touch. Another idea involving twine is to tie the napkins and cutlery together, which will add a delightful detail to your wedding. This idea works particularly well for outdoor weddings, embracing the summer setting.

For a more DIY and fun approach, consider wrapping a bottle (preferably a wine bottle or a tall one) with twine and adding "Mr" and "Mrs" labels for playful wedding décor. Another enjoyable DIY idea is to string twine across a wall or aisle and hang photos from it, showcasing the beautiful memories you've created with your partner over time.

For a rustic and practical touch, you can create boutonnieres out of twine to pin on your clothing, placing a flower of your choice inside for a rustic and chic look. Speaking of flowers, why not tie the bridesmaids' flower bouquets together with twine to achieve a cohesive and fitting look for a summer wedding?
No matter how you choose to design and plan your wedding, rest assured that at Henry Winning, we have something perfect for you. Whether it's one of our craft twines to hold a bouquet of flowers together or our specially crafted wedding twine box set, featuring beautiful white, gold, and natural-coloured twine, we've got you covered.